Multichannel utility/bank payments and direct debits processing system


Technical Data:

System is based on JAVA EE platform. Deployed on JBoss Application Server. MSSQL and Oracle databases are supported.


UPS is very stable for different kinds of exceptional situations, this is very important as system is integrated with numerous kinds of services providers.

Flexible permissions based administration module

External systems can be easily integrated via UPS Integration service, which provides all needed functionality for external channels

Service oriented modular architecture allows easy addition of new service providers to the system.

Supports many types of automatic payments, fixed payments, variable payments, balance pre-payments and etc. Depending on type of automatic payment, initiator can be either Service Provider or Bank.

AzRy means IDEA

SSTS is a universal self-service kiosks system, that can be used for payments or other purposes

Shortly About iPOS

Ingenico smart terminals satisfy the most demanding expectations of merchants, retailers and banks

Shortly About GeMe

Information system to effectively plan trip using different public transport between two destinations