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AzRy means IDEA

If you visit Georgia and its capital, Tbilisi, you will discover and make use of many cutting-edge solutions which make the complexities of modern life easier and more comfortable. AzRy is proud that many of these solutions were developed and deployed by its team during the last decade and a half.


Today Tbilisi enjoys a coordinated mass transit system (metro, bus, mini-bus, train and cable car) in which the rider uses a contactless swipe card for all services. In addition to public transportation, Azry has developed, produced and installed various software and hardware/software systems for the banking industry (unified money transfer, united payment systems and self-service payment machines). Tbilisi’s residents can make fast, secure micro-payments at any of the several hundreds of street-side pay-stations around town.


AzRy continues to expand and improve its offering of IT solutions to the challenges of modern urban life, with the goal of bringing to market high-quality, reasonably priced products and services.

Unified Money Transfer System

UMTS allows financial institutions to send and receive transfers of different systems in a single window Read more

United Payment System

UPS is a multichannel payments processing system for utility/bank payments and direct debits Read more

Self Service Terminal System

SSTS is a universal self-service kiosks system, that can be used for payments or other purposes Read more